David and Kim - MAIN

David's Attendants

Tom Edwards - Best Man.
Dad and I go way back, almost 30 years. I'm honored to have him as my best man.

Ben Edwards - Groomsman.
My brother Ben graciously agreed to delay his move out of Houston to serve as one of my groomsmen.

Jeff Edwards - Groomsman.
My brother Jeff is coming down from Dallas to be in our wedding.

Armando Avila - Groomsman.
Kim's brother, Mando, will be giving up his spring break and coming from El Paso to be in our wedding.

Kamal Ajam - Groomsman.
My roommate from college will be travelling down from Boise where he's finishing up his intern year at the VA hospital.

Courtney Jackson - Groomsman.
After helping defuse the Y2K problem in South Carolina, Courtney and I both moved to Austin looking for real jobs.

Greg Benedis - Groomsman.
Speaking of real jobs, Greg and I met in the Peace Corps in Tanzania. Greg's coming down from NYC to put the finishing touch on the groom's party.