David and Kim - MAIN

How We Met

David and I met in El Paso as seniors at Coronado High School in Mrs. Fonseca's English Class way back in 1991. After month's of flirting, David finally worked up the nerve to ask me out by the end of the year. We went out a couple of times, and were even considered an item by some of our classmates. However, the call of higher learning interrupted our budding romance. I spent 8 years at Harvard pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor; while David got his engineering degree at Baylor, spent a couple of years in Tanzania with the Peace Corps, and lived a year in South Carolina. We managed a few letters and a couple of visits during those years -- just enough to keep track of each other.

In 1999, we both moved back to Texas. David moved to Austin and signed on with Motorola, and I started my pediatric residency with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. As fate would have it, both my brother and sister lived in Austin, and David's brother and college roommate lived down the street from me in Houston. Just the excuses we needed to bump into each other from time to time. And the romance that once showed promise 8 years ago began anew.