David and Kim - MAIN

The Proposal
Ever since I was a little a girl, I've had a fairy tale dream of being swept off of my feet by a charming prince. Last April, that dream came true...

I had been working in the state capitol in Austin that month, and at the beginning of my last week David asked me to keep my weekend free. By midweek I had managed to get out of him that he was planning some sort of trip to Dallas. After packing on Friday, I had a better idea of what was in store. David had set aside a dark suit and asked that I pack something nice. I also saw him sneak his tent and sleeping bag into the trunk. We headed off Friday evening with our clothes hanging in the back seat and with directions to David's brother's house in Dallas on the dash.

After stopping in Waco for a short visit with David's sister that was painfully devoid of any clues, we continued on to Dallas. Arriving at almost midnight, we visited with Jeff and his wife April for a short while. Jeff let it slip that he was looking forward to the concert tomorrow. Things were starting to fall into place, and just before I turned in for the night, David came in and told me that he had some good as well as bad news for me. There was a suprise in store for me tomorrow; but I had to wake up at 5AM, take a quick shower, and forego my normal hair-drying and makeup-application routine.

In what seemed only an instant, David was waking me and sending me off to the shower. After showering, I had a quick bowl of cereal with David and Jeff. David had me pack my bag saying that he wasn't sure that we'd back in time to change. Jeff walked us out the door saying that he hoped I would enjoy the sunrise and that he'd see us later.

As David drove, I sat and shivered under a wet head of hair. I figured my bedraggled hair was not an integral part of David's plan; so, I set to drying it with the heater vent. When I finished and flipped my hair back up, I realized that we were at the DFW airport looking for parking! David wasn't ready to share our destination, but he cracked a big smile when I guessed New York City. I felt tears starting to well up -- something that was to be common occurrence on this day.

The flight to NYC was a blur. We got off the plane, and just as I was about to ask how we were going to get out of the airport we were met by my college roommate, Serena! At this point things just started to seem a little surreal. We all got in a cab and went to Serena's apartment, just a few blocks from Central Park. After lunch and a walk through the park, we said goodbye to Serena and checked into a nice hotel just off of Broadway. After a quick change of clothes we were off to dinner. David had made reservations for two at 6:00PM.

We walked about two blocks from our hotel and entered Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I felt tears welling up again as I took in the elegance of the restaurant. They seated us at a table for two, and David asked that I order whatever I liked. We had a wonderful dinner despite my frequent trips to the laidies' room to compose myself. Upon my return from one of these visits, I found that David had ordered bread pudding for dessert. As we shared the dessert from the same bowl, David suggested that I try a bite from his side. He turned the bowl and saucer around to reveal my engagement ring. As I started to cry, David came around the table and proposed on bended knee. Through tears I accepted as David slipped the ring onto my finger. The host then came over to congratulate us and offered us both a glass of champagne. After a couple of sips, David said that we needed to leave soon if were going to make our next appointment.

I glided down Broadway as David led me past one theater after another. We turned down a side street, and I started to get a little bit emotional again as I saw the marquis for Les Miserables come into view. I couldn't stop crying once I realized that David had gotten us tickets for Les Miz -- my favorite musical! We walked into the theater and proceeded right down the aisle to the second row! As I sat down, I realized that this night was in fact a dream come true. Even now, I'm not quite able to express the happiness that I felt at that perfect moment.

We spent the next day as tourists taking in the sights of New York. We also took a little time to prepare for our national TV debut. I convinced David that we should get up early on Monday and try to get on the Today Show to announce our engagement. We raided Rite-Aid and whipped up a sign sure to attract Al Roker's attention. Despite being a bit late on Monday morning, we were able to grab our share of front-row real estate, and after a couple of hours our persistence paid off. Al came over and chatted with us, commenting on my giddiness, while my rehearsed lines eluded me. As soon as Al moved on, we were on the phone to times zones west alerting anyone and everyone to watch for our upcoming performance. It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

And so, my fairy tale had begun...